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Little virtual pets xD

*feature*:iconhannonsandark: gave me so cute stamps, thank you ;u;/ :heart:



Image by momdusa/tumblr

Styling a doll, Awi's demon form babble..

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 2:33 PM

Suddenly I felt like writing a journal entry while I was painting Awi's scorpion tail and I was like woaaaah this is getting better than I expected so I wanted to.. share! haha :D I hope you don't mind my random things xD I did this kind of thing with Rony, posted some making of pics.

But yeah, I styled Awi some time ago like this:

Reaper lady by Sarqq  What lies beneath by Sarqq
Everything borrowed.. except the wig..

But recently Soom released a new doll with such gorgeous outfit, horns and hand parts so I decided to purchase them instantly because I saw AWI with those (in my mind...) and I'm going to give a whole demon warrior look to her... :love: It was so awesome as I needed something new to her which would be somehow "fantasy" and gothic style at the same time with RED color like I planned.

She's getting these weird (imo.. quite gore looking) demon horns. I will blush them to look more realistic. Some shading. Ugh.. creepiness

This outfit (yes I edited it, Soom's pics are always so DARK or too LIGHT and hard to see any details). I love the hood and that unisex look, or is it just me but this is not very manly in my opinion :D Hey babe, nice chest! I'm wondering if Awi's boobs would look nice with that.. hole :D I hope so.

New claws instead of those too big gloves she's wearing (they're not even mine xD I'm borrowing them lol). I'm not sure yet how to paint them, but they remind me of bones so maybe some matching red shading with her tail. And again, thanks Soom for good pictures! :D hard to see anything better.

and then, her scorpion tail will be red x black and match with all the rest, I tried to give some... harsh looking texture like those demon horns has? Not like flesh actually, but somehow demon-ish. I have painted only one atm, this takes so much time @___@ But worth that! 

And if you haven't seen a bjd scorpion tail ever (originally Soom Vesuvia doll's scorpion tail), here's Awi's previous tail painting so you can see how it will look after assembling ^^

Okay that's all, thanks and bye!

Dragon pet dolls

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 2:16 AM

Hey, now I want to introduce you a new pet doll you some bjd owners probably know already but... BJD Pets/ Eve the cat finally released their little devil for sale! :D It's a dragon pet doll made of polyamide and it can be purchased with lovely colored options like red-black, blue-black, full black and red-green, but a blank one is also for sale. They're available in two sizes, 9.5cm and 15cm (Toes to withers).

I have been waiting for those after their teasers so the decision was immediate after sales opening (The small ole isn't that expensive I feared! I chose an unassembled colored one, red)

So.. I'll have my dream dragon after 3-4months in 9.5cm x3 The same size photographed there. :heart: 

All the pictures belongs to artist behind this doll









I fell in love with this winged beauty<3 Those artists made really great job with the whole design with such detailed mouth and all other sharp details. It seems it poses amazingly well too! And that coloring makes it look quite real with a slender elegant body shape. And those wings.. really delicate and beautiful, even when they're not jointed they seem to pose nicely like flying, sleeping, crawling.. The biggest reason to order is the head sculpt though, it's full of expression and it looks smart and cute :D

Now I need to decide a name and I'm considering "Zhimor" (it's a male)<3 and also make a new faceup for Syrena because she's an earth type dragon lady and I'm sure the little one will inspire me to photograph Syrena again. She actually doesn't belong to Syrena (Syre is just a protector Goddess of dragons), the owner is my incoming doll Pandora which is that elf warrior lady I have told before :D That's why I chose the red coloring with yellow eyes, because it matches with Pandora's reddish hair and her yellow eyes too + her golden-black details :heart: In the story, small dragons can transform into a giant ones which can carry their riders on their backs and they can fight together with their masters. Team Pandora and Zhimor *o*

And hey don't forget Cuartosdolls' Darkhorn! It has more soft/round design with huge amount of separate joints. Made of polyurethane resin, also shiny pearl colored ones:!darkhor…

pic belongs to the artist

And Aileen Doll chibi style baby resin dragons in various colors xD…

Pic belongs to Aileen doll company

More dragons? I don't know any but these!


Sarqq's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

This is my ball jointed doll account, welcome! C: Sarqq by naocom

Please read before contacting me:
-I don't make dolls, they are made by doll companies and artists but I customize them.
-My dolls or their stuff are NOT FOR SALE unless I have otherwise stated!
-I'm not interested to take any kind of commissions

Please note also that my gallery is full of "female x female" / lesbian couples and characters, if you want to say only bad things, please don't visit at all!

Thank you :)

Copyright Stamp by J7MiGi
Please do not use my doll photos without asking me first ^^/

I don't have any doll-photo tumblr blog or any other active blogs, dA is currently only one thing I update actively :) However, you may find my photos on tumblr but they're posted by someone else (I don't feel it's a bad thing as long as you link my dA there too. Thanks!).

:iconsherimi:'s dolls belong to the same story/doll family, you may see here much babbling about her dolls too! Also she helps me A LOT! :heart: :tighthug:

I love Crows by WishmasterAlchemist I love Kiwis by WishmasterAlchemist Rainbows Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sarif Ind. stamp by Irkis

I Dont Support Recast BJD by lajvio
I don't buy/support fake recast dolls, all dolls you see here are authentic products.

Thanks for visiting!

Do you post/re-blog my pics on Tumblr? 

34 deviants said I'm not on Tumblr.
23 deviants said I think your pics should be posted by you only wherever they appear so I don't pay any attention if other people post them.
16 deviants said NO, I'm not interested or I like to watch them on dA only.
9 deviants said YES, I often post or I reblog / like if I see your pics posted by someone!
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