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Little virtual pets xD

*feature*:iconhannonsandark: gave me so cute stamps, thank you ;u;/ :heart:


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This is my ball jointed doll account, welcome! C: Sarqq by naocom

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PLEASE read before contacting me: I DON'T DO COMMISSIONS AT ALL, so please kindly do not ask! T___T (no faceups, no customizations, no doll styling, nothing! I mean literally nothing!) Also, I don't make ANYTHING for sale, do not offer me any money. Thank you for understanding! (_ _)

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Please do not use my doll photos without asking me first ^^/

I don't have any doll-photo tumblr blog or any other active blogs, dA is currently only one thing I update actively :) However, you may find my photos on tumblr but they're posted by someone else (I don't feel it's a bad thing as long as you link my dA there too. Thanks!).

:iconsherimi:'s dolls belong to the same story/doll family, you may see here much babbling about her dolls too! Also she helps me A LOT! :heart: :tighthug:

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Doll plans and sold doll

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 11:55 AM

Hello all! :) and sorry if pictures don't show, I can't help if Photobucket doesn't work :(

I have many things going on so I think I'd make a journal about some doll things because I don't have any other place.. But as I have mentioned, me and Sherimi are getting new doll family members and here's some of mine. :D With pictures so non doll people can understand better. They're a reason why I haven't been so active with photography or comments, I haven't had much free time.. But dolls and stuff aren't free :P

One doll also got a new home because I haven't photographed her for so LONG time and she was stored in a box only for years, I really felt guilty.. :( She was wonderful and I loved the character but something bothered me.. So I sold my Soom Migma with light violet skin, Syrena. The character will stay in our storyline even though her doll form left.. But the new owner is very excited and happy, so I think the decision was right :heart: And that way I got some funds to buy things I really need more.

So goodbye Syrena <3
Colors of The Wind by Sarqq

And next, I will show some dolls which are my next plans..


(Soom picture with default faceup I didn't buy though.)

My picture.

This is not a surprise to anyone I guess... But yesterday evening I got a message that Despairedpheonix has ordered me a grey skin Soom Hyperon which was only available as a special limited doll at Dollism Plus NY this year and I needed a visitor's help because Soom offers only normal and white skin online >.<

I gave him a name Diaval :heart: which is from Maleficent movie though he's not related the real Maleficent.. I just remembered a thing when I was watching Maleficent with my gf and I whispered her "If I ever get my grey Hyperon grail I want to call him "Diaval" XD what a gorgeous name. But yeah, I have already ordered three wigs and I found one more which I need to test.. It must be blue, any dark shade! And I'm giving him jointed hands which I will airbrush to grey/black and mod long sharp long nails.


I will paint her but here're some sample pics by Iple.

And.. Then I'm getting this doll in grey skin but a female version because original nYID Iplehouse Chris is a boy but I think he'd make a really nice looking strong female too! I don't need / like enough small SD boys but I love this beautiful feminine head so that's a nice chance and I already saw a hybrid picture. I'm getting both heads, vampire fantasy head with elf ears and fangs and also a human head. It's grey Hyperon's little sister and her colors are also dark blue /greyish blue and her eyes are lighter blue too.. So They're matching with her brother. The human head is already coming as 2nd hand from DoA but the vampire version isn't yet because I need to wait for Doll Choice's opening. I hope there'll not be any more surprises by Soom so I could focus on Terra too XD


I will make her faceup too but this is Iplehouse's sample photo in normal skin..

IOS wip pics, belongs to sculptors

My "forever in wish list" -girl Iplehouse Bibiane named Renate is getting a head and possibly a body from IOS because they're making an SD body in Iplehouse scale and their normal skintones match, so Renate is going to be Iplehouse-IOS hybrid with a more muscular detailed body if everything goes well, I hope so. I will buy Renate's head on next month if everything seems ok :) The body is coming on May 2015 or later, but I want the head sooner! Even better if Iplehouse decides to release a muscle body but it seems they're not interested even after 70+ messages' thread of femme muscle on their sites.. Lol.


Pictures belongs to Twigling. Faceup is not mine.

And then.. Pandora which I have waited for months already. She is coming soon I hope because the doll artist is getting all pieces together finally from the factory. She only needs to deal with customs, strung all dolls and pack. Maybe eventually I can have my warrior elf lady too? :D I have too many stuff for her it's even hard to store all that, loads of fabrics, weapons, wigs etc... I'm not showing them all yet ;)

+ (Pandora is getting this pet I have posted before too ^^)
Eve the cat dragon

Pic belongs to the artist

And the end, some nice parts I've got with sherimi :) 

Soom Photon skeleton hands for Theron (Soom Gluino). I'm just painting these..

and loads of Heliot dream ripper wings for many dolls XD we.. eh.. liked them so why not. It's so hard to get pretty wing parts..

Thanks for reading if you did..


:iconnot-so-casual: :iconproptasticbjds: :iconabjd-highlights: :iconball-jointed-dolls:



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Thank you so much for the watch~ I appreciate it! ^^
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You make wondeful dolls and dolls' pictures! :) wow
got me to browse da for dolls pictures , firt time for me , made me undersand how people could like dolls and make clothing for dressing them up.
 I like your "floating museum"
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It's so.... beautiful Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 
Your dolls seem so real, good work Heart 
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I know that you blocked comments for your photo but I just have to say that I love how you dress
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As a fan of your dolls I still can't believe you just gave me a watch! Thank you so much, I'm so happy!
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