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Omahyra <3

Little virtual pets xD

*feature*:iconhannonsandark: gave me so cute stamps, thank you ;u;/ :heart:

New dolls and armors box opening! (Souldolls here)

Journal Entry: Thu May 7, 2015, 12:01 PM

HURRAAYYY! Our first Souldoll girls arrived finally!

! AND DO NOT SCROLL DOWN IF U ARE AT WORK OR SOMETHING THERE ARE BOOBS AND STUFF ! Caps caps caps because I don't know how to color this text red..

For those, who aren't familiar with them yet:


SORRY FOR ENGRRRHHLISH I just want to talk..

Shortly, we ordered them on December 2014 and got an estimated shipping time for late March/Early April 2015 and it delayed to May and Souldoll didn't notice us before sending them off so we assumed they didn't keep their promise and thought they'll ship girls out later, but suddenly they just added trackings to our order page and girls were already on Finland!!! We didn't even have time to update DoA waiting room because they just jumped here from nowhere ??? :D And the shipping day was April 30th, so Souldoll actually DID keep their
promise after all hahaha.. Poor Souldoll, we wasn't angry at all because rarely shipping estimates really keep.. Nice surprise though!

I have made several drawings of our characters but I'm not sure which details we'll keep so now we're going to just do as much as we can and then compare how much they've changed after that! So we'll post plan drawings and the results later.

One thing is sure though, mine will badass (like always, lol), not evil but "dark" and Sherimi's will be sweet and innocent, "light".
They'll have more colors though than black and white with metallic, so I will need to buy like 5 shades of airbrush paint for armours ugh.

But yeah, that may take a while because we have both quite hectic periods at work before holidays so I will do all that "dirty" job (airbrushing and possible modding) at weekends, and then small details when they are closer to finishing.  

Enjoy weird photos :D I had so much fun when they arrived, I have never seen so much fresh resin in one place....... 

Shagrilah wanted to compare herself with the boxes.. The postman asked me to help with them, as the weight was over 15kg and they were the biggest doll boxes I have ever seen.. I'm sure the postman though something creepy after noticing that "doll" word :D :D :D Human sized friends from Korea  ?

Four beautiful Souldoll boxes with butterfly logo.. We love them! Two for dolls, two for armors.

My Sandrian with Justitia's default outfit and Lanarwen for sherimi :heart:

Hahaha this made me giggle.. Sherimi was at work so I had to send her a picture.. They look like .....

Hattifatteners from Moomins o_O


Armor boxes open!

And all that stuff packed..

And opened.. It was hard to breath because of the smell of resin XD I tried to photograph everything with my shaking hands and spamming pics to Sherimi like OMGGGGG.

Our girls!! Lanarwen, Zenith Bella on left belongs to Sherimi and Sandrian, Zenith Justitia is mine. They're 65cm tall :)

Sandrian again.. her face is much more expressive and has more personality than I expected.. she almost scared me, because I was sure she's very plain and expressionless.. in Souldoll pictures, she was quite plain indeed but I ordered her anyway because I wanted to challenge myself. Now I think I love her sneaky and slender face which suits my image of gothic Knight lady.. Still wondering is this the same doll XD

Oooh my.. that's my girl indeed..

And here's Sherimi's girl again~ She looks sleepy and sad, just as her character is XD Not sure about her eyes, they came with her as gift!

Adorable open mouth

Lana special with a wig she borrowed.. Just because she's sugary

Girls together

Double ass

Lana's hands looks more ..elegant? and Sandrian's has weirder fingers xD I needed those hands for her..

We got two of these (most), but here's some detailed pictures before painting!

My personal favorite part of the set.. 

For shoulders

Arms and hands


Hip thingie 


Helmet open.. I planned to sell this and Sherimi gave this away already,
but now I think I really need to keep this because the painting plan and colors for 
Sandrian's dark armor would look really cool with this. I will try!

Second favorite item.. Sandrian needed this! Female power XD that random woman torso there lol..

Lance detail

Lance size (doll again, 65cm)

One of the wings.. Quite fancy! I'm wondering could we change these black ones to white ones because Lanarwen is white winged originally :) Must try that as well.

I will make a new journal entry when the armors have some colors and girls have faces too XD 
Lol they look weird space women with all white armors so I didn't snap a picture yet!

See ya laterrrrr !!!

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Daily Deviation Pandora T_T

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 5:34 AM

Today I got my third DD Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 

Dark Knight by Sarqq

Thank you so so so much for featuring my photo and also for writing such beautiful comment there Mrs-Durden Those things are exactly something I see in Pandora's character, so I feel touched and honored by this. Thank you again :heart: :heart: :heart:

 Much love to my watchers too. Let's fill dA with AMAZING DOLLS! Snow Party 

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Frappzilla's bjd wig giveaway entry

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 25, 2015, 2:57 AM

My girl badly needs a wig so I will participate <3

Look how gorgeous bjd wigs they do! 

BJD Wig Giveaway~! by frappzilla

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Hi~I know this is out of the blue. But I was admiring your little virtual pets on the left. I recognize Ronya, Shangrilah, Gemma, "blue-haired girl" and Nieve.
Who is the blue-haired girl? I looked around but can't seem to find her.
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You have a gold mine in that gallery, Sarqq!
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Your work is soft and lovely....stunning! :D
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I was just wondering, how many dolls do you currently own? ~
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